• Get rid of things that don’t produce software

What We Are

  • We create software to meet your needs. No job too small!

  • An experimentally-oriented software development consultancy started by Bruce Eckel.

  • A flat organization following the Teal model

Our Core Experiment

  • Maximize programmer happiness (From Dan Pink’s “Drive”: Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose). We think this produces much better software and higher per-hour productivity.


Pando Telecom

“We wanted to stand up a project very quickly but also wanted to create a project that used relevant libraries within the Python arena. The goal of the project was to create a system that could monitor our IOT devices. With multiple manufacturers used in the network, we wanted to create a system that provided a common user interface to manage and track these IOT devices.

“The TribeWorks Team made it really easy for us to stand up our application. We provided our specs and criteria. TribeWorks provided the code and backend functionality. Our favorite part of working with TribeWorks was the blocks of time we could secure and get from coders. The no frills approach and flexibility worked for our teams.”